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Small Scale Projects


Richmond Road, Grey Lynn (2012)

 A property on Richmond Road was in the process of being renovated with a current building consent, however, the existing stormwater was discharging to the ground and flowing overland towards the back of the property. Council rules now require that the discharge be controlled, so a new drainage configuration was required. This also required a building consent amendment.

There was a public stormwater pipe on the other side of Richmond Road but connecting to this proved difficult to accomplish due to many other services (gas, electricity, telecommunications and waste water) existing at varying depths beneath the  footpath on both sides of the road as well as beneath the road surface.

Kerb discharge is not a preferred option for Auckland Council or Auckland Transport, however in this case, it was deemed the best and least disruptive solution for this property. It required consultation with council engineers to ascertain that this was in fact the best practical option due to the construction difficulties of any other method of disposal.

SSCL resolved the issue by designing a detention tank/kerb discharge combination. The purpose of the tank was to slow the flow of the discharge to meet Council requirements for kerb discharge flow rates, and which would fit beneath a low front veranda . A flexible bladder style tank was chosen for easy installation into the cramped allocated space. The stormwater will then discharge to the kerb at a lowered rate to a street cesspit 60metres down the road. Consent was granted in 2012 for this option.

“We employed Storm Water Solutions to help us at the end of 2011. They worked through the challenges we had with the council in an efficient and professional manner, resulting in exactly the outcome we had hoped for. We would recommend them highly. “  Marc Labrum, Grey Lynn

Quadrant Road, Onehunga (2012)

This property was experiencing flooding in the basement and permanently soggy conditions in portions of the backyard. A site survey identified that an old soakage pit was not working efficiently and that pipework had been damaged. This area is traditionally known for good soakage, but unlike most of Onehunga, this property happened to be within a small area that has clay soils rather than the usual volcanic geology.

This area also has very little piped stormwater infrastructure due to the area being predominantly based on soakage. An innovative solution was required to overcome the issues associated with the low soakage rates provided by clay, a combined slow flow device was designed to provide a combination ‘Attenuation with overflow spreader /soakage’ system which will remove the excess stormwater from the house and allow it to soak away at a slower pace with no damage to the property or to the neighbouring properties.

“I was delighted to have worked with Bronwyn Rhynd and Stormwater Solutions after they were recommended to me. After over a year struggling to find someone reliable, professional and knowledgeable to sort out a challenging drainage problem. Stormwater Solutions delivered in every area and were also a pleasure to work with. Dealing with drainage problems is difficult but I have no hesitation in recommending Stormwater Solutions to sort things out quickly and professionally and give you confidence you have the right answer.” Brendan B. Onehunga.


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