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Innovative Concepts

At Stormwater Solutions we pride ourselves in developing innovative designs to manage stormwater runoff that fit the needs unique to the project. We have successfully designed systems that are leading edge in the industry.
Stormwater management can be integrated into landscaping features to ensure that the natural resource of rain can complement the many civil components that make up an urban environment.
We have used as range of devices that have been integrated to landscape, architectural and urban design. These devices include;
Raingarden; treatment and attenuation:


A rain garden is a planted depression or a raised enclosed bed that is designed to absorb contaminants in stormwater runoff which are generated from impervious areas such as roofs, roads, paving, and lawn areas. The water will percolate through the rain garden prior to discharge, which is either through natural soakage, to low velocity overland flow or a piped network.
Sediment and contaminants are always an issue with stormwater. If this can be managed at the source, the contaminants that drain to the sea can be greatly minimised. Raingardens and swales are a good way to prevent contaminants reaching the rivers and the sea preserving these precious environments.
Swales; conveyance and treatment:

A swale is a drainage depression along which stormwater flows. It is usually grassed and regularly mowed. It collects and treats water by slowing the flow and allowing solids to drop out of the water prior to discharging via a cesspit to a piped network.
Tanks; attenuation and re-use:

Stormwater can be collected from your roof and stored in a tank. This can be treated for drinking and general use water or can be left untreated and used for flushing toilets, the laundry and watering your garden. This takes pressure off the mains water systems, can reduce your water bills and means you can still water your garden during a drought.

Examples of other uses for stormwater:
There are some very clever solutions to stormwater runoff that are being designed by landscape architects and engineers that form the basis of gardens and water features. This is fast becoming a trend and some great examples can be seen at these websites:





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