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At Source

Water is treated on the site so that sediments and contaminants are controlled prior to discharge to the public drainage system or to the receiving environments

Low Impact

Being able to replicate the natural system as closely as possible rather than pipe the water away from site in the traditional approach. Minimising erosion and pollution to the receiving environments, and using the water to benefit other amenities in the built environment.


Not drinkable

Rain garden

A planted depression or raised enclosed bed that is designed to absorb contaminants in stormwater runoff which are generated from impervious areas such as roofs, roads, paving, and lawn areas. The water will percolate through the rain garden prior to discharge, which is either through natural soakage, to low velocity overland flow or a piped network.

Soak Hole (Soak Pit)

A hole in the ground in which received rainwater which will soak through the soil and fractured rock below surface to the groundwater table below.


Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment.


A drainage depression along which stormwater flows. It is usually grassed and regularly mowed. It collects and treats water by slowing the flow and allowing solids to drop out of the water prior to discharging via a cesspit to a piped network.

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